Testimonial 1

"Claire has been a revelation in helping me to facilitate personal change, growth and development in my role as a person, dad, husband and sales manager. I had the privilege of working with Claire for over 12 months as she led me on a journey to become a better person, and for my employers benefit a better Leader. Claire made me feel comfortable right away, with her down to earth, affable and caring nature. I’m not the kind of person that opens up to anyone, let alone someone who I don’t know personally, but from the outset of my coaching sessions with Claire, she made me feel comfortable and that she was there to help me achieve whatever I was wanting to from our sessions. It was very clear that she had a real investment in my development and got a real sense of achievement when I made progress. She truly takes pride in her work and her ability to help others. Claire inspires, motivates, stimulates and re-invigorates you to succeed in whatever way you want. I would highly recommend anyone considering a life coach or mentor to call Claire, you won’t be disappointed, she is a wonderful investment into your future development.  

Testimonial 2

"After almost two decades building a successful career at Yellow, working one-on-one with Claire was very rewarding and inspiring. Claire possesses great insight and knowledge, which she is able to convey clearly and with enthusiasm. Her energy is infectious, motivating and encouraging and I have already seen the benefits in my leadership skills and my quality of life. Claire helped me deal with situations aligned with my personal beliefs from an honest, realistic view and to focus on what really matters for my organization and myself.
"Claire has successfully helped me transition from being a transactional to a transformational manager. Claire helped me in this journey including increased delegation and leveraging of my time. 
Claire helped me identify and draw parameters between work and life, as well as maintain a balance during stressful situations. I now have greater focus, clarity and purpose with life. Thanks to Claire, my quality of life – at work and away from the office – has never been better. She has helped me focus on having a me time for myself and take my breaks and focus on better living. She even went to the extent of scheduling my break times in my Calendar. 
I was extremely delighted for Claire when she advised me of her aspiration of starting her own business, I wish her well in her career and absolutely certain that she will be extremely successful in her business."