Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is for business leaders, people leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. The current marketplace demands that so much is expected in half the time, coaching gives you space to envision, plan, create and connect. Change is a constant. Anticipating and planning for change is time well spent. Bring your whole self to coaching leaving in the moment distractions for long-term gain.

Leadership coaching can cover any business topics but can include:

  • Clarity on vision and purpose
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership style
  • Achieving results
  • Time and energy management
  • Ideation and innovation
  • Career management
  • Personal brand
  • and lots more... 

You benefit, the business benefits and your people benefit. A win win for all.

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"Claire possesses great insight and knowledge, which she is able to convey clearly and with enthusiasm. Her energy is infectious, motivating and encouraging and I have already seen the benefits in my leadership skills and my quality of life.........Claire has successfully helped me transition from being a transactional to a transformational manager. Claire helped me in this journey including increased delegation and leveraging of my time."