Emotions and Behaviours at work, emotional intelligence, EI, EQ

Emotional Intelligence

For many years now the research has shown that leaders with more awareness and flexibility in shifting emotions and behaviours at work build stronger teams, better relationships and outperform their peers. EI or Emotional Intelligence is now recognised as more important in the workplace than IQ. With greater self-awareness of your emotions and behaviours you can start to manage self to adapt to situations and others to ensure you gain the desired outcomes.

Applying the EBW System of Business Emotional Intelligence this developmental workshop can provide an individualised assessment of the eight key business EI emotional and behavioural clusters which underpin engagement and performance at work.

With a lens on these critical eight clusters learners can gain insight and understanding of where improvements can be gained in approaching specific scenarios within their own workplace.

The 8 Emotional & Behavioural Clusters are:

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