The interaction between individuals can impact on a lot of critical aspects within a business. The positivity of the workplace, the solutions reached, the transfer of information, planning ahead and lots lots more. The various workshops provided by Thinkplus focus in on various aspects of communication.

Extended DISC® is one of the most widely known behavioural style analysis tools used to develop staff.  Thinkplus offers a full day workshop using Extended DISC® called 'Collaborating With Style' where the learner will become more aware of their own preferred behavioural and communication styles therefore allowing them to be better prepared to work more effectively with others, minimising inter-personal conflict and improving collaboration.

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Other soft skills workshops include:

  • Assertiveness At Work
  • Bouncing Forward with Resilience
  • Building Quick Rapport
  • Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Effective Communication
  • Embracing Change
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